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DomainWhoisAgent - How it works!
How It Works

User of DomainWhoisAgent Services:

- Register on our system.

- If using paypal, go to setting then to upgrade account. After payment has been made, you will be able to edit your details including adding domain name for which the service is ment.

- If you want to use any of the other payment methods, please note they are not automated at the moment. You can see instructions for payment at order now page.

How to contact a domain owner:

- Best is to do first a search for the domain name using our search function, to make sure, the domain in question is a legitimate user of our services and is not using fraudulent our whois data in its domain. In case you cannot find the domain name, which means our whois data is being used fraudulent, please report the domain name.

- After registering simple do a search for the domain whos owner you are trying to contact and send an im to that individual.







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