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DomainWhoisAgent Q&A - FAQ
DomainWhoisAgent Q&A

Q) Privacy and Proxy

A privacy service generally shows your name but includes a service�s address, phone, and email.
This option is recommended as this exonerates us of any liability regarding domain name ownership, as well gives you more security. Pressure cannot be directed at us, while legally and openly you are owner, and can deal with complaints however you decide.

With a proxy service, the service usually registers the domain name on your behalf and then licenses the use of the domain to you.
This option puts us in a more difficult position, as legally our company is responsible for your domain, this because the domain registration name is in our name. This shifts liability towards us. Thus we have a policy that any legal issues, letters, complaints regarding a domain name which uses this method should respond adequately within 48hrs.

Our control system will have your domain name listed, please see page How It Works, the control system maintains real ownership of the domain, we distance ourselves of any claim to your domain as long as you are listed in our control panel, and payments/fees are paid.

Anyone wishing to contact you can contact you directly via the control panel after they register first.

Q) My government is oppressive, I have a controversial blog, political website. If you get pressured or a court order you will reveal our details ?

We support freedom of expression, and freedom of information. You are our client not that government, and we value our clients.
We will not violate the trust you put in us. Nor are we willing to bear consequences of revealing your name or details if that might lead to murder, imprisonment, torture etc.
The reaction depends much on the case, details, but in worst case we will either try to switch legal juristiction of domain whois registration, advice you, or completely ignore the request/order.
If any case will be to hard for us to handle we will advice you to switch to an alternative service that might be better to handle this particular case, but in any case you would not have to worry about us revealing your details, nor dropping you from our whois service before a solution has been found.

Q) I blog about mischief in my community anonymous, in fear of retribution or social stigma. Can I trust that you will not be intimidated or pressured to reveal my identity ?

Absolutely. You are our customer and client. Not your community. We would advice the complainers to deal with the issues your blog brings out of the dark, instead of trying to silence this courageous voice.

Q) What if one fraudulent  uses our address to register domain names ?

Worst thing one can do, as it is bound to happen that someone will contact us regarding the domain sooner or later, and since you  fraudulently  used our address, without registering or paying the fee, your domain name will not be listed in our control panel. We can take any action that we deem desirable, from having the domain deleted by your registrar to obtaining its control. Your better shot would be to register the domain to anything but us. As this will only hurt you and your business. We also regularly do checkups to determine any of these kind of cases. We will not protect, help or provide any services to individuals that go down this road.

Q) What if someone sends something to the mailing address?

You must notify us in advance if you are expecting to receive any mails to the DomainWhoisAgent mailing address. Mails received without any advance notification will be discarded automatically. Once notified, we can scan forward such mails to your email. However, you might have to bear any handling cost of the mail forwarding a max of 0.50 usd per page.

Q) My registrars offers a similar Whois protections, why should I opt to go with DomainWhoisAgent ?

Many registrars indeed offer a similar service. But you should bear in mind that you would be putting all your eggs in 1 basket. On top of that, a domain registrar offers these kind of services as a add-on, their main business being domain registrations. Which brings them in a odd position balancing their main commercial enterprise with protecting your interest. In most cases, when they are pressured they tend to take a "safe" and easy path, to avoid being harmed in their primary or core business.  With us, our main business if your privacy and interest. We are not a domain registrar. We do not fear "bad" publicity. Unlike many registrars who's priority lie in protecting their brand name, protecting their own main interest which is domain registrations. We do not have that liability or concerns. Another advantage is that we are not affiliated with the domain registrar, thus we have no conflict of intrest.

Diverse opinions and expressions makes this world interesting, not majority accommodating opinions. A domain registrar might fear to lose clients if they protect you. We believe we will win clients if we protect you.


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